RE: Ign. Eph. 15:3

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Tue Jan 04 2000 - 08:48:25 EST

I should add here, for what it's worth, that when I saw James Ernest's note
on this I felt instinctively that he was right. Of course, as Bart says,
one would like to know something is right by something stronger than
instinct. What occurred to me is that DI' hWN is probably one of those
phrases comparable to Latin QUAPROPTER or QUAMOBREM or DE QUA CAUSA which
tend to become single words or phrases with a single sense, all synonymous
in the sense of "therefore." There are so many such compounds; I recall an
interesting thread a couple years back on hINATI = hINA TI.

At 8:37 AM -0500 1/4/00, Bart Ehrman wrote:
> It appears to be taken this way by other translators, but the
>commentators pass over it without a note (making me think that there's
>something obvious here that I'm missing), and I haven't been able to find
>anything quite like it anywhere (which probably means it's all over the
>map). If you do run across a clear parallel, let me know. (There's
>something kind of *similar* in the preceding chapter, btw: "Thus who claim
>to belong to Christ will be seen through the things they do" DI hWN
> Thanks,
>-- Bart
>Bart D. Ehrman
>University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
>On Mon, 3 Jan 2000, James Ernest wrote:
>> Don't koine texts commonly use phrase with hWN (? ex hwn, di hwn) as
>> rough equivalents for "therefore" without any concern for the historical
>> identify of hWN as a relative pronoun that should have an antecedent? I
>> don't have time to look this up properly, so don't skewer me too badly
>> if I'm just being dumb here.... I would try checking BDF and maybe some
>> searches in electronic texts.

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