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Sorry to use the list for essentially a private communication (though it
does speak to the EF hWi issue being raised here), but I keep getting a
returned mail notice/fatal address error every time I reply to Bill
Ross' question.

In reference to the message duplicated below, Bill Wross wrote:

> I've had some trouble with my email. Have I responded to this?

The answer is yes, you did.



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Bill Ross wrote:

> Hi Jeff.
> Thanks for the post.

Your welcome.

> Just curious, do you think "because" is a sufficient translation of EF

Depends if you take "because" to be equivalent to "on the basis of" "on
grounds of". The expression EF hW seems to be a contract form of EPI
hOTI (the case of the relative pronoun being attracted to that of the
unexpressed antecedent) and the preposition EPI with the dative seems to
(see BAGD 287 [II, b, gamma] to express the grounds on which a state of
being, feeling, action, or result is based. This is, after all,
Pauline usage in
2 Cor 5:5 [sic] and Phil 3:12.

May I suggest that you look at the comprehensive view of all the
alternatives given from the earliest commentators until now that you'll
either in Cranfield's ICC commentary on Romans (Vol. 1; 274-81) or in
Fitzmyer's Anchor commentary (413-16) See also NTS 39 (1993 (321-339,



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