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Date: Wed Jan 05 2000 - 18:53:13 EST

On 3 January 2000, Carsten Schmelzer asked about KTRATEW as used in Mark
3:21 (KRATHSAI in context): : Answered by Chuck Stevens

<<I am pondering about Mark 3,21. Especially the word "kratew" (krathsai)

is normally translated in a way that indicates, that Jesus? relatives tried
to violantely take him back home. (Some german translations are very
explicit in this point).>>

Could you cite the verse in a German translation that makes this explicit?

Yes: "und als seine Angehorigen es horten, gingen sie aus, um ihn zu
greifen ..."
"als seine Angehorigen das erfuhren, wollten sie ihn unbedingt mit nach
Hause nehmen..."
(Hoffnung fur Alle - very modern translation)

<<According to the STRONG?s Concordance this is a possible translation of
kratew, but I didn?t find any translation that translates this way.>>

Could you clarify how the Strong's entry supports something like, or some
portion of, "violently taking him back home with the intent [given full
understanding of that into which his ministry would ultimately evolve] of
holding him back from his ministry"? If not that full expansion of your
questions, which parts of it?

 (w. Kraft ausuben --> etw. fest halten, uber etw. Macht besitzen oder
gewinnen); Vb. (47)

 I.) halten
 1) Kraft haben, kraftig sein und daher: etw. beherrschen, sich einer Sache
oder Person bemachtigen; jmdn. oder etw. ergreifen (mit oder ohne
Gewaltanwendung), in Besitz nehmen. # 2Sa 6:6 Mt 12:11* ua. jmdn.
festnehmen, gefangennehmen, an d. Hand nehmen. # Ps 137:9
 # Mt 14:3 Mr 3:21 Ac 24:6 Re 20:2* ua.
 2) halten, festhalten, zuruckhalten, abhalten:
 2a) etw. oder jmdn. in d. Hand halten. # Re 2:1
 2b) jmdn. oder etw. (mit d. Hand) festhalten. # Ac 3:11
 2c) an etw. oder jmdn. (treu) festhalten, eng verbunden bleiben mit...;
etw. (getreulich) beachten. # Mr 9:10 Col 2:19 Heb 4:14* ua.
 2d) etw. oder jmdn. zuruckhalten, abgehalten werden.
 # Lu 24:16 Joh 20:23 Re 7:1* ua.

(STRONGs Number 2904, as quoted in the Online Bible (
Emphasis by me.

The most we can do towards deducing the family's motives given this very
sketchy description is speculate. I don't believe the text supports
"violently", "take him home" or "to hold him back from his ministry".

Thank you, that clarifies the matter.


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