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Date: Wed Jan 05 2000 - 23:24:38 EST

>From: "Stephen C. Carlson" <>

> I picked up my reprint copy, vols. 1, 2 & 3, from a catalog store that
> specializes in reprints of out-of-copyright books on textual criticism
> and Calvinist Theology. Unfortunately, I don't remember their name,
> but I have to be on their mailing list, so I should get a new catalog
> eventually.
> I thought that the quality of the reproduction was very good; though
> to save costs/paper they copied two original book pages onto a single
> reprint page. Although the print is not too much smaller, the binding
> is odd shaped.
> Stephen Carlson


How difficult have you found the apparatus to use? Looked a little
cryptic to me. Makes NA27 seem user friendly by comparison. I suspect
that someone would need to learn nearly the entire Latin technical
vocabulary for NT textural criticism before they could make much use of

I also wonder if Ruben Swanson's Gospels and Acts have made Tischendorf
kind of a dinosaur of sorts for the first half of the NT. Perhaps not.
Edward Hobbs could settle this question if he is listening in.


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