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Date: Mon Jan 10 2000 - 12:08:28 EST

At 2:56 PM +0000 1/10/00, j w wrote:
>B-Greek forum:
>I am not sure if this question falls under the subjects that we are allowed
>to talk about here but if not I am sure you will tell me. My question is
>this: What is greek to english translation of the 1john 1:1 verse I have
>read different trans on the verse and I was just wondering what a few
>exsperts thought:-)
>Anyway nice mailing hope to stick around on it the subject matter seems to
>go over my head.

Two reminders, especially to new subscribers to B-Greek:

(1) Please give your complete name a signature to posts to B-Greek;
(2) Try to make your subject-headers descriptive of the content: "So what's
the deal?" and "Please help" are not really satisfactory.

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