Yahweh added to OT?

From: Grant (grant@cajun.net)
Date: Sun Jan 09 2000 - 19:22:39 EST


    I recently met a man who claims that he is a Jew and that the name
Jehovah was added to the scriptures. Sounds like an oxymoron--a Jew that
doesn' believe in YHWH/tetragrammaton? Now, on B-Greek, whether we
agree/disagree on the name in the NT (good example a few days ago), it seems
that there is almost a complete consensus that the name was in the OT. (But
please do not focus on that comment)

Now this question may sound somewhat bizarre but I learned that it is best
to give a reply to someone's claim than to automatically label it "wrong."

Is there some scholars that hold this belief that the Name was added to the
OT? I am uncertain of his argument but from what I can recall, he said that
when a certain king invaded the southern kingdom of Israel, this alteration
of the scrolls occurred. Additionally, he said that a certain list of
something (names?) do not match up and it "proves" his theory.
I know that I sound extremely vague, but has anyone ever come across such

Any comments would be appreciated. I think that this pertains to B-Greek,
but I apologize if this is a digression. I know no other source for a
refute to his "scholarly opinion."

grant polle

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