Re: Yahweh added to OT?

From: Juan Stam (
Date: Sun Jan 09 2000 - 22:40:35 EST

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> B-Greek,
> I recently met a man who claims that he is a Jew and that the name
> Jehovah was added to the scriptures.
Your friend apparently used the common term "Jehovah" but your subject title
has "Yahweh". Perhaps what he meant was that *Jehovah* is not a biblical
term at all. It is a spurious hybrid, concocted by combing the consonants of
JHVH with the vowel of ELOHIM, to get a word *JeHoVaH* which in fact does
not exist in the Hebrew language. It once occurred to to try to illustrate
this with students' names in my class. In the front row side by side were
Martin and Mario. The consonants of Martin, with the vowels of Mario, give
the spurous and unpleasant sounding MaRiToN . That is also how the name
"Jehovah" was artificially concocted. IMO It should be avoided in anything
that pretends to be exegetical.

Juan Stam, Costa Rica>

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