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Date: Wed Jan 19 2000 - 06:13:16 EST

On Re: META, DIA in Timothy Carl W. Conrad wrote:
>While Louw and Nida do show META + genitive in a few >instances
functioning to express means (89.78), they note it as "a marker >of means,
with the probable additional implication of attendant >circumstance" and
then they point to the article 89.79, where the focus of >META + gen. is
rather "marker of circumstances which contribute >significantly to the
context of the principle event -- 'with, in.' I think >that 89.79 is the
applicable category here.

Using GRAMCORD for Windows there were only three options listed for META in
the context of 1 Tim 4:14, listed below:

89.108: META {a} : a marker of an associative relation, usually with the
implication of being in the company of - `with, in the company of, together
with.' {Footnote 8859}
89.109: META {b} : a marker of association, involving instruments relevant
to an event - `with, having.'
89.123: META {c} : a marker of a relation in which one thing is combined
with another - `with, combined with.'

Which left out (and maybe more);

89.78: META {k} : a marker of means, with the probable additional
implication of attendant circumstance (see META {d} `with,' 89.79)
89.79: META {d} : a marker of circumstances which contribute significantly
to the context of the principal event - `with, in.' {Footnote 8852}

Does anybody know why other Louw & Nida articles on META did not show up in
the context of 1 Tim 4:14? Or how I can find all occurrences of any given
term using GRAMCORD for Windows? Using Greek Word Main Index 19000/Greek
Word Index - M 14099 there were again only the following listings:
META a with (association) 89.108 6260
     b with (accompanying object) 89.109 6261
     c with (combinative) 89.123 6275

Thank you for any assistance.

Sola Gratia,
Jay Adkins
Always Under Grace!

This is most likely best answered off-list my address is -

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