Re: META, DIA in GRAMCORD - off-list?

From: James S. Murray (
Date: Wed Jan 19 2000 - 22:59:01 EST

Jay Adkins wrote:

> Does anybody know why other Louw & Nida articles on META did not show up in
> the context of 1 Tim 4:14? Or how I can find all occurrences of any given
> term using GRAMCORD for Windows? Using Greek Word Main Index 19000/Greek
> Word Index - M 14099 there were again only the following listings:
> META a with (association) 89.108 6260
> b with (accompanying object) 89.109 6261
> c with (combinative) 89.123 6275

Jay, I was able to find the article on Attendant Circumstance (89.79) by using the
Semantics Domain Index. Under 89 Relations you will see M. Attendant Circumstances
which has the article on META. Under Means, however, they only seem to have 89.76.
Hope this helps. I would appreciate hearing, off-line, what you hear back from


Jim Murray
Racine, WI

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