Re: SHMERON in Luke 23:43 (a long palinode)

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Date: Sat Jan 15 2000 - 12:05:17 EST

I think this was meant forthe list rather than for me personally.

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>Subject: Re: SHMERON in Luke 23:43 (a long palinode)
>This is my first time to write to the list. I have been monitoring this
>list >for
>about 3 months and it has been quite profitable. For my background, I came
>out of
>Southern Illinois University in 1953, having
>acquired about 60 quarter hours, (those were days before the semester
>system there)
>of classical greek study. I was not a good student, however. But this
>study >did
>have its effect on me. I was a young pastor at the time and I realized I
>would >not
>be happy trying to teach the scriptures to my congregations without
>reference to the
>greek text. Over the years I have increasingly turned to the greek text.
>If I now
>try to do any teaching of the scriptures without having satisfied myself
>I >understand
>at least something of what the greek text is saying, its like going into
>the pulpit
>not fully dressed. I live in Virginia and pastor a small country church in W.
>Virginia. Well, enough of that. I write to respond to Dr. Conrad's, and
>comments re Luke 23: 43. My question is this: Would it be logical,
>and >profitable to
>consider the thief''s plea that Jesus remember him,` HOTAN ELTHEIS EIS
>THN >BASILEIAN SOU`, in deciding the thrust of SHMERON?

I would only respond that this is one of the perspectives given expression
in the exchanges in July-August 1996 and again in April of 1998. And there
are evidently some who find that argument sufficiently convincing in favor
of taking SHMERON with the following clause.

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