Re: SHMERON in Luke 23:43 (a long palinode)

Date: Sat Jan 15 2000 - 12:17:55 EST

In a message dated 01/15/2000 9:06:46 AM Pacific Standard Time, From: jack
parrish <> writes:

<< I write to respond to Dr. Conrad's, and
>comments re Luke 23: 43. My question is this: Would it be logical,
>and >profitable to
>consider the thief''s plea that Jesus remember him,` HOTAN ELTHEIS EIS
>THN >BASILEIAN SOU`, in deciding the thrust of SHMERON? >>

Dear Jack:

As Carl noted, there are some who would construe this to be in accord with
the view that Jesus went beyond the criminal's response to "remember him" (a
future event), and that the criminal would be "with" Jesus in paradise that
very day.

Others, myself included, would say that while such a view is certainly
possible, it is equally possible that Jesus responded to the criminal's
actual request, and used an emphatic form of speech found elsewhere in the NT
and grounded in the OT, promising that he would indeed "remember" the
criminal when he entered his "kingdom" (Luke 23:42).

Best Regards,

Greg Stafford

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