From: Mark D. Nanos (nanos@gvi.net)
Date: Tue Jan 25 2000 - 12:01:06 EST

<x-flowed>Dear Carl,
Your comments on translation are very helpful, although it does not
appear that the chalupa will drop on this one! It is interesting to
note that the major commentators discuss or choose to translate this
as reflexive middle (Bligh has one translation along this line, but
is concerned with aspects of time), although the permissive is close.
I had a discussion already informed by your arguments in other posts
regarding this aspect of middle and the implications here. It is
confirmed by my overall view of the argumentative context. But now I
have wrapped up the chapter in process with more grammatical
confidence. Thank you.

I have added a category for middle reflexive standing alone (those
choosing circumcision for themselves), and added the reflexive
characteristics to the other aspects for translating as concessive
and circumstance attendant, and they work quite well. I cannot see
how this would work with habitual!; and I do not think that it would
have the meaning of self-circumcising, since proselyte conversion is
a communal transfer of identity.

Although beyond the purview of this list, I think I should mention
that I do not quite agree about the implications of this translation
for what those influencing the addressees were doing or not with
respect to seeking honor or the Law; discussion of that I will send
you in brief off list. Your emphasis on reflexive middle aspect will
help me to explain why as well.

Again, thanks,
Mark Nanos
Kansas City

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