Re: Comedy and KWMH

From: Steven Craig Miller (
Date: Wed Jan 26 2000 - 16:15:23 EST

<x-flowed>To: Carl W. Conrad,

SCM: << "The Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology" (edited by C. T.
Onions), under the entry "comedy," states the following: "Gr. komoidia, f.
komoidos, comic actor, comic poet, f. komos [KWMOS] revel, merrymaking,
wrongly derived by Dorian writers from kome [KWMH] village." What is meant
here by "wrongly derived"? >>

<< ... there doesn't seem to be a shred of authentic etymological
relationship between KWMH, village, and KWMOS, revel or merrymaking, and it
is clearly the latter wherein comedy has some of its roots. >>

And so what was meant was: "wrongly thought by Dorian writers to have been
derived from KWMH," yes?

-Steven Craig Miller
Alton, Illinois (USA)
FWIW: I'm neither a clergy-person, nor an academic (and I have no post-grad

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