carbon-14 dating-please send OFF-LINE

From: Grant (
Date: Wed Jan 26 2000 - 17:11:38 EST


  I know this has not to do with B-Greek but it does pertain to the bible,
which seems indirectly pertinent.

 I am aware that that science dates man's existence some 40,000 years old
ago,which I don't believe is in support of biblical chronology. Of course,
this comes from the supposition of evolution. But my question is about the
carbon-14 dating methods and their validity.

 The reason I'm posing this question is because I am aware that most on this
list PROBABLY conduct scholarly studies beyond the Greek. Is anyone
familiar with the flaws of carbon-14 dating? Has anyone studied this field?

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Once more, please send OFF-LINE.

Thank you,
Grant Polle

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