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From: George Goolde (
Date: Mon Jan 24 2000 - 15:17:30 EST

<x-flowed>Carl and others,

I apologize for not quoting the message to which I was replying which *did*
make all of the appropriate caveats re: "dead" and "living" languages. I
was, of course, referring to languages that are not spoken currently in
contrast to those that are. I, like Stephen, am aware that "dead" and
"living" are not really fair or accurate labels. I just don't have any others!


At 12:12 PM 1/24/00 -0600, you wrote:
>At 9:26 AM -0800 1/24/00, George Goolde wrote:
> >Eugene A. Nida, Learning a Foreign Language, 1957 revised edition. This is
> >quite good, but is out of print. Chapters one through five have been
> >reprinted in book form by Rio Grande Bible Institute, 4300 South Business
> >281, Edinburg, Texas 78539 and can be had for a few bucks from their
> >bookstore. Contact Bob Harriman at (956)380-8135 or
> >
> >I have personally read it and think it is quite good, but it is designed
> >for living vice dead languages. Nida's main point is that you learn first
> >by listening, then by speaking, and last of all you learn grammar.
>George, I know this probably is not the most important part of your
>message, and I do have some slight sense of what you might have meant, but
>do you care to explain exactly what is meant by "living vice dead
>language"? It sounds like something all of us might want to have a nodding
>acquaintance with, even if we don't get close enough to contact the disease.
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