Re: MT Text vs LXX

From: Jeffrey B. Gibson (
Date: Mon Jan 31 2000 - 21:56:32 EST

Grant wrote:

> B-Greek,
> Why does the Septuagint differ from the Masoretic text in the ages given
> within the Genesis account particularly chapter 5?
> What evidence is there to give support to one over the other?
> Is the LXX wrong? MT wrong? Personal opinion?

I'm struggling (as I'm sure other List members are also doing) to discern how this is
in any way a B-Greek question. How considerations of grammar and syntax of any
Biblical Greek text has any bearing on why the LXX chronology differs from that of
the MT or whether either (or neither) is right is beyond me.

So before Carl steps in on this and (perhaps) chides you for posing yet again an off
topic question, might I suggest that you pose this, and similar questions, on more
appropriate Lists? There is, for instance, a Septuagint List for which your question
would be suitable.

And it probably wouldn't hurt for you to have a long hard look at the FAQ and the
home page of B-Greek to reacquaint yourself with what the scope of this List is.


Jeffrey Gibson

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