From: Grant (
Date: Mon Jan 31 2000 - 22:14:34 EST


  Before sending this, I DID ASK if this was appropriate and I was given
PERMISSION. Frankly, that's not write what you did. Personally, I can't
see how a study of the LXX's alterations, translation, etc isn't
relevant!?!? I was hoping someone could explain why they differ.
Translation?!? I'm not expert or scholar so I apologize for my
unintelligent question. I'm on the list to learn and not get reprimanded
publicly by a list-member. I possibly thought that LXX's versions differ.

   I would appreciate if you would have first wrote me personally before
posting. That is what you should have done. I don't think it is fair to
have to write publicly to defend myself when i had asked and was given
permission. Now you bring to the forefront an issue that wasn't even an
issue had you not posted. I'm to the point that i know longer know what is
appropriate for this list!!! I thought B-Greek was a place where we could
avoid having to feel oppressed.

grant polle

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