Matthew 5:22---"sanhedrin"

From: Grant (
Date: Wed Feb 02 2000 - 18:27:52 EST


  While reading Matthew 5:22, I came across the word "SUNEDRIO
(transliteration ?) " which means "Sanhedrin."

>>>>22 However, I say to YOU that everyone who continues wrathful with his
brother will be accountable to the court of justice; but whoever addresses
his brother with an unspeakable word of contempt will be accountable to the
SUPREME COURT; whereas whoever says, 'You despicable fool!' will be liable
to the fiery Geáhen'na.>>>>

Now, I have read variant readings that read "Supreme Court (NWT; NASB; WE;
etc)" or "council (KJV; RSV)."

First, why isn't Sanhedrin just translated as is? I'm NOT trying to raise a
translation issue. MY POINT: I'm trying to see if the translators chose
different words based on the meaning that the Greek word can imply. Is it a
change because of "word preference" or a change because of "interpretive

  Is Sanhedrin referring to the actual group of men or religious
leaders--the Supreme Court, or does Jesus imply something different that the
Greek word itself suggests? Was Sanhedrin a term specifically for that
group or does it embrace more in meaning? Essentially, I am asking one
question, but I wrote more than one to help clarify my "confusion." I hope
my question is specific and clear.

grant polle

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