LXX and MT, relevancey

From: Fish__44@excite.com
Date: Wed Feb 02 2000 - 23:28:08 EST


> I'm struggling (as I'm sure other List members are also doing) to discern
how this is
> in any way a B-Greek question. How considerations of grammar and syntax
of any
> Biblical Greek text has any bearing on why the LXX chronology differs
from that of
> the MT or whether either (or neither) is right is beyond me.
> So before Carl steps in on this and (perhaps) chides you for posing yet
again an off
> topic question, might I suggest that you pose this, and similar
questions, on more
> appropriate Lists? There is, for instance, a Septuagint List for which
your question
> would be suitable.
> And it probably wouldn't hurt for you to have a long hard look at the FAQ
and the
> home page of B-Greek to reacquaint yourself with what the scope of this
List is.
I rarely offer my two-cents to this list for this exact reason. I myself
originally became intersted in Greek thanks inpart to the LXX and what it
had to offer historically to both the OT and the NT. I have posted a few
questions sheepishly early on in my b-greek career, hoping that the big
B-greekers could help guide me in my littel b-greek ways, but was cordially
shunned and left to become a silent partner to musings of Conrad, Gibson and
few other regulars. Although I appreciate the forum and the interesting
dialogue I detest the snobery which seems to come out in the most simple
answer. If not as a teacher enjoying the process of teaching, perhaps as a
Christian you can enjoy the process of helping a fledgling along. I suggest
an off-list apology be issued to Grant, and a sense of gratitude be paid to
the Lord for giving you both the knowledge and the ability to share it with

Thanks for your time,

Cameron VanEpps

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