Re: LXX and MT, relevancey

From: J.K. Aitken (
Date: Thu Feb 03 2000 - 09:41:26 EST

I think Carl has expressed the position very well, and in general I have
seen some very courteous responses from both academics and non-academics
to straightforward questions. It is not a problem answering simple
questions and it is a happy service that many people offer.
        Even as an academic myself I would like to know what 'ornery'
means in Carl's message!

        It is important that we remember that this is Email, and like road
rage seems to produce the worst in people, especially as you can not hear
the tenor of a person's voice. A simple answer 'no' need not be
dismissive, and a criticism, although public, is often felt more by the
original poster than anyone else.

        The discussion in B-Greek is of as good a quality than any
internet discussion I have been on, and let us continue in that way. We
all sit and respond in EMails without carefully reading them, and can
easily regret the wording afterwards. So we should all be careful in our
writing, but equally we should not be too sensitive in our reading. I hope
that the academic and non-academic interchange will continue.

Jim Aitken
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University of Cambridge,
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