Re: Quirk et al., Clauses, and Greek Syntax

From: Steven Craig Miller (
Date: Sat Feb 05 2000 - 14:06:54 EST

<x-flowed>To: Wayne Leman,

<< Steven, would you be willing to post least one example of each of these
clause type, according to Quirk. >>

[1] Someone [S] was laughing [V] loudly [A] in the next room [A].
[2] My mother [S] usually [A] enjoys [V] parties [O] very much [A].
[3] In 1945 [A] the country [S] became [V] totally independent [C].
[4] I [S] have been [V] in the garden [A] all the time [A] since lunch [A].
[5] Mary [S] gave [V] the visitor [O] a glass of milk [O].
[6] Most people [S] consider [V] these books [O] rather expensive [C],
actually [A].
[7] You [S] must put [V] all the toys [O] upstairs [A] immediately [A].

 From Quirk et al. [1985] p. 49.

-Steven Craig Miller
Alton, Illinois (USA)
FWIW: I'm neither a clergy-person, nor an academic (and I have no post-grad

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