Re: Quirk et al., Clauses, and Greek Syntax

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Sat Feb 05 2000 - 14:12:33 EST

At 1:06 PM -0600 2/5/00, Steven Craig Miller wrote:
>To: Wayne Leman,
><< Steven, would you be willing to post least one example of each of these
>clause type, according to Quirk. >>
>[1] Someone [S] was laughing [V] loudly [A] in the next room [A].
>[2] My mother [S] usually [A] enjoys [V] parties [O] very much [A].
>[3] In 1945 [A] the country [S] became [V] totally independent [C].
>[4] I [S] have been [V] in the garden [A] all the time [A] since lunch [A].
>[5] Mary [S] gave [V] the visitor [O] a glass of milk [O].
>[6] Most people [S] consider [V] these books [O] rather expensive [C],
>actually [A].
>[7] You [S] must put [V] all the toys [O] upstairs [A] immediately [A].
> From Quirk et al. [1985] p. 49.

I don't claim to be a linguist in any authentic sense, but it appears to me
that the items marked off in this listing are not "clauses" in the
traditional sense in which the term "clause" is used, i.e. a syntactical
unit containing a subject and a predicate. Or is he in fact using the term
"clause" in a different sense?

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