Re: Quirk et al., Clauses, and Greek Syntax

From: Wayne Leman (
Date: Sat Feb 05 2000 - 14:23:43 EST

Thanks, Steven. But I don't see the clause *types* yet. I see the labeling
of clause *constituents*, but not clause types themselves. Might it be that
Quirk was referring to the constituents of clauses rather than clauses
themselves? For anyone wondering, this really will get back to Greek
constituents and clause types <g>


><< Steven, would you be willing to post least one example of each of these
>clause types, according to Quirk. >>
>[1] Someone [S] was laughing [V] loudly [A] in the next room [A].
>[2] My mother [S] usually [A] enjoys [V] parties [O] very much [A].
>[3] In 1945 [A] the country [S] became [V] totally independent [C].
>[4] I [S] have been [V] in the garden [A] all the time [A] since lunch [A].
>[5] Mary [S] gave [V] the visitor [O] a glass of milk [O].
>[6] Most people [S] consider [V] these books [O] rather expensive [C],
>actually [A].
>[7] You [S] must put [V] all the toys [O] upstairs [A] immediately [A].
> From Quirk et al. [1985] p. 49.

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