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B-Greeks will want to see this, I'm sure.



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Subject: TLG E
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2000 17:14:28 -0800 (PST)
From: "Maria C. PANTELIA" <mcpantel@uci.edu>
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We are pleased to announce the release of TLG E. Disk E contains 6,625
works from 1,823 authors with a raw count of approximately 76 million
words of text. This is a significant expansion compared to the 57
words (from 831 authors and 4,305 works) included in CD ROM D.

We have provided TLG software developers with advance copies of CD ROM
Most search engines have been upgraded to handle the new disk and are
available at little or no cost to current users. Unfortunately, Pandora,
one of the most widely used programs, has not been upgraded. An
announcement and software information will be mailed to all current
subscribers and posted to our web site in the next few days.

In an effort to make the TLG data as widely utilized as possible, we
decided to lower the cost of the individual five-year subscription to
effective immediately. We are also in the process of reconsidering our
institutional fee structure. In the meantime, we will not be issuing new
site license agreements.

Earlier TLG CD ROMs were produced with technical support from the
Humanities Institute. This is the first TLG CD ROM in eight years and
first one in the history of the project produced entirely in-house.
Production of the disk began in the spring of 1999 following extensive,
but necessary, data migration from the Ibycus system. We wish to thank
the scholarly community for its contribution to the creation of the TLG
digital library and our users for the patience they have shown during
this period of reorganization.

Maria Pantelia
Associate Professor of Classics
TLG Director

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