DGE Web page/ SPIonic fonts

From: Daniel Ria–o (danielrr@retemail.es)
Date: Wed Feb 09 2000 - 06:42:38 EST

        Thanks to Alfred Kriman who noticed an expired link in my previous
post. To get the SPIonic fonts, please go to
ftp://rosetta.atla-certr.org/pub/fonts/windows/ (Windows)
ftp://rosetta.atla-certr.org/pub/fonts/mac/ (Mac)

or click here to directly download the compressed font:

ftp://rosetta.atla-certr.org/pub/fonts/windows/SPIONIC_.TTF.zip (Windows)
ftp://rosetta.atla-certr.org/pub/fonts/mac/SPIonic.sit.hqx (Mac)

Daniel Ria–o Rufilanchas
Madrid, Espa–a

Por favor, tomad nota de la nueva direcci—n de correo: danielrr@retemail.es

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