Re: Biblon 2000

From: J.K. Aitken (
Date: Thu Feb 17 2000 - 06:14:00 EST

The Biblon 2000 Webpage certainly will be very exciting if it continues to
build, but at the moment it is slightly awkward to use. It is
understandably slow, it does not as yet have instruction pages, and i keep
losing the text by having javascript commands appear on the screen.
        I would applaud the idea behind this site, along with others (and
it is great to be able to click on Aleph and have Codex SInaiticus appear
on the screen), but I might be more cautious about linking to it. There is
nothing worse than a gateway pointing to infuriating pages.
        I too look forward to seeing how Biblon develops.

        Jim Aitken

Faculty of Divinity,
University of Cambridge,
St. John's Street,
Cambridge. GB-CB2 1TW
Tel. +44 1223 332587

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