Re: Romans 1:16,17 - The antecedent of EN AUTW

From: Wayne Leman (
Date: Sun Feb 20 2000 - 11:00:53 EST

Carl responded:

>That's precisely what the list is particularly focused on: (1)
>understanding the GREEK TEXT of the LXX and GNT and related Jewish and
>Greek lit., and (2) understanding the GREEK LANGUAGE in which that
>literature is written: morphology, syntax, diction (i.e. lexicography) and
>ancillary pedagogical matters, such as textbooks, grammars, lexicons, and
>other reference works pertaining to the Greek Bible and the Greek of the
>Greek Bible.

Carl, can we include Greek discourse structure and rhetorical impact as
well? These are areas of study that I'm finding illuminate semantics and
lexicography in important ways.

One example: KAI and DE often function not so much as syntactic
coordinators, but as signals of important discourse relationships (that is,
structure higher than the sentence level).

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