Re: Looking for a reference for N T word parsing.

From: George Goolde (
Date: Mon Feb 21 2000 - 17:09:16 EST

<x-flowed>At 12:49 PM 2/21/00 -0800, you wrote:
>I am looking for a reference work that parses all the words of the New
>Testament. I am also interested to read why one is better than the
>other, and is this sort of thing typically free from doctrinal
>preferences. I am currently using Zodhiates WSNT for words that I can't
>parse myself, but after reading some of the posts that refer to his
>lexicon in a poor way, I am reluctant to use his WSNT too.
>Thanks in advance for any help that you can give.
>in Christ -chris


There are many tools which would meet your need. Personally, I think there
is a bit of "Zodhiates bashing" going on, and this may be an over-reaction
on your part to assume he is totally unreliable. I have found that most of
the tools that parse Greek words are in agreement with one another. Only
the format differs.

One tool that has the Greek text with symbols above each word is
"Analytical Greek New Testament" by Friberg and Friberg, published by
Baker, ISBN 0-8010-3496-5.

Another is Han's "Parsing Guide to the New Testament."

The more powerful computer programs do it as well (e.g., Hermeneutika's
BibleWorks 4 and Logos).

In summary, I wouldn't be afraid of doctrinal incursion on parsing guides.

Of course, **any** parsing guide is subject to accidental error now and
then, but there aren't too many of those in any of these tools.

I hope this helps,


George A. Goolde
Professor, Bible and Theology
Southern California Bible College & Seminary
El Cajon, California

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