Re: Gender-specific or gender-inclusive?

Date: Wed Feb 23 2000 - 01:03:54 EST

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<< How long ago did Tom write that, George? "Man" was an inclusive word then.
 It no longer is for many, many speakers of English. And they are not
 "ignorant" of the meaning of words. They use words as they mean to them
 today. English has changed quite a lot since Jefferson's time, and it will
 continue changing in the future.

Until 10 yrs ago no one would have questioned that "man" in many cases
included women. Most people [hmm. maybeI should say men :-)] would still say
that it includes women. It's just that there are too many that want to be
part of the "in" crowd using the latest buzz-words (chairPERSON,
spokesPERSON, etc.). We are a nation of sheep. Someone starts a fad -- be
that the hoola hoop or the pet rock or newspeak -- and everyone has to join
in. Practice saying "baaaa."


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