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<< ello,
 I have a question about the word TELEION. How could the point in time
 spoken about as you comment, be the ESCATON or PAROUSIA when that would
 contradict the abiding principles/qualities of Faith, Hope and Love which go
 on *beyond the TELEION* (whatever that is)? IOW: I see ceasing qualities
 and abiding qualities being discussed in this context - the ceasing
 qualities being prophecies, tongues, etc., and the abiding qualities being
 faith, hope and love. The ceasing qualities stop at the TELEION but faith
 and hope would certainly continue until the PAROUSIA (AGAPE goes on beyond
 time and into eternity - (vs. 13). I agree with your meaning of TELEION
 (full grown, mature) but not on the time frame when that maturity occurs
 because it seems clear that the completion of written revelation is the time
 rather than the ESCATON/PAROUSIA. I say that because Faith, Hope and Love
 must go BEYOND the TELEION. I realize what I'm saying may be more theology
 than translation, but doesn't translation have some relation to
 text/context? >>

The point in time when some things cease is congruent with the time when
other things become mature or ripe (with a nod to Carl) -- the parousia.
Faith, hope and love abide and reach their complete form.


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