re: "rejoiced within myself"

From: Jim West (
Date: Thu Feb 24 2000 - 07:50:21 EST

Wayne L. opined that the subject line phrase was unclear- and then informed
us that he was from the West Coast and spoke the english native there. He
then went on to ask that I clarify this phrase-

So- in an effort to make it clear to someone who speaks the english peculiar
to California, let me suggest the following:

"um, dudes, I was like so very stoked!"

Does that help, Wayne? Personally I think "rejoiced within myself" makes
emminent good sense- much more than any other rendering; but I realize we
have to translate for our target audience. I further think that there are
very few people who do not know what the phrase "I rejoiced within myself"




Jim West, ThD

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