From: Wayne Leman (
Date: Thu Feb 24 2000 - 10:02:00 EST

George, sorry about my "senior moment" at the end of this message. After I
tucked myself in bed I realized that it was Jim West that the question about
"within myself I am rejoicing" was for.


>><< Their HOI POLLOW (!) >>
>>(!) INDEED.
>I put that in for fun, George.
>> What is it?
>HOI POLLOI means "the masses, the common people" at least as it is used in
>English, and I suspect that's rather close to its meaning in Greek also.
>OK, I've answered your question. Now it's your still your turn: What does
>"within myself I rejoiced" or "I rejoiced within myself" mean in English
>(please try to use words from my dialect of English so I can understand
>"within myself" means).
>Sorry if you already answered, but I haven't found the message with the
>answer yet.
>Wanting to know,
>loving to learn,

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