KJV Revision History

From: Theodore H Mann (thmann@juno.com)
Date: Thu Feb 24 2000 - 15:58:12 EST


I hope you won't mind my approaching you about this subject again.

I am trying to locate a good (more or less current) book or article on
the history of the KJV AFTER it's initial printing/s in 1611. There is
no end of material explaining the background of the KJV and how it
initially came to be published; but I find little dealing with its
history since that time. What have been the major editions and revisions
since 1611? How do these various editions differ from each other?
Exactly what text is used in today's printings? (I have received a
couple of different answers to that question.) I have the Scrivener book
on this subject, and it is invaluable; but it is also over 100 years old,
and I'll bet a thing or two have shown up regarding this matter since the
19th Century. (Also, I'm not too comfortable with a couple of
Scrivener's sources.) I would like some precise, well-researched

I would think that someone has researched this topic, considering the
importance of the KJV. If you can direct me to current material, I sure
would appreciate it. Off-list, I think.

Many thanks.

Ted Mann

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