Re: KJV Revision History

From: Jonathan Ryder (
Date: Fri Feb 25 2000 - 04:54:22 EST


You may want to look at 'The Journey from Texts to Translations' by Paul D
Wegner (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1999), which, although not limited to KJV (covers
issues of interpretation, canon, textual criticism and lots of English versions)
does give some of the info you're looking for - ch 18 is entitled 'The
Authorised Version of 1611 and its revisions'. It also gives some bibliography
for you to chase up (p333).

Jonathan Ryder

Theodore H Mann wrote:
> Greetings:
> I hope you won't mind my approaching you about this subject again.
> I am trying to locate a good (more or less current) book or article on
> the history of the KJV AFTER it's initial printing/s in 1611. There is
> no end of material explaining the background of the KJV and how it
> initially came to be published; but I find little dealing with its
> history since that time. What have been the major editions and revisions
> since 1611? How do these various editions differ from each other?
> Exactly what text is used in today's printings? (I have received a
> couple of different answers to that question.) I have the Scrivener book
> on this subject, and it is invaluable; but it is also over 100 years old,
> and I'll bet a thing or two have shown up regarding this matter since the
> 19th Century. (Also, I'm not too comfortable with a couple of
> Scrivener's sources.) I would like some precise, well-researched
> material.
> I would think that someone has researched this topic, considering the
> importance of the KJV. If you can direct me to current material, I sure
> would appreciate it. Off-list, I think.
> Many thanks.
> Ted Mann

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