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From: yochanan bitan (
Date: Thu Mar 02 2000 - 15:14:03 EST

<x-charset ISO-8859-1>A Seminar in Koine Greek for professors and teachers of Greek

I wonder how many Greek teachers and professors would be interested in
an intensive seminar where all participants would be required to speak only
Greek (Hellenistic-Roman 2centBCE-3centCE educated-colloquial register)
to each other over a 4 week period?

One purpose would be the opportunity to make a significant step toward
fluency in the language.
A second would be to green-light toward teaching techniques that
facilitated such fluency.
A third might be to generate new kinds of 'help' materials for students.

A typical morning might involve simulated classroom experiences where
different teachers ran trial modules of various material with the other
participants as 'guinea pigs'.
Afternoons might mean debriefing the morning sessions and evenings would be
spent in modest, restrained symposia.

Several things would need organization:
a. time: probably a June or July
b. venue: possibly a campus dormitory set-up in North America
c. organizational framework: TBA
d. funding: TBA

This is simply a trial balloon to find out if something educational
might be forged out of mutual interests.

Randall Buth

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