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From: Mary Pendergraft (
Date: Thu Mar 02 2000 - 15:47:40 EST

There is good precedent for such a seminar in Latin, at the University
of Kentucky. Here is the address for a description of their program:
Although I have not attended "Latin Camp" my colleagues who have enjoyed
it and found it extremely valuable.

Mary Pendergraft
Wake Forest University

yochanan bitan wrote:
> A Seminar in Koine Greek for professors and teachers of Greek
> I wonder how many Greek teachers and professors would be interested in
> an intensive seminar where all participants would be required to speak only
> Greek (Hellenistic-Roman 2centBCE-3centCE educated-colloquial register)
> to each other over a 4 week period?
> One purpose would be the opportunity to make a significant step toward
> fluency in the language.
> A second would be to green-light toward teaching techniques that
> facilitated such fluency.
> A third might be to generate new kinds of 'help' materials for students.
> A typical morning might involve simulated classroom experiences where
> different teachers ran trial modules of various material with the other
> participants as 'guinea pigs'.
> Afternoons might mean debriefing the morning sessions and evenings would be
> spent in modest, restrained symposia.
> Several things would need organization:
> a. time: probably a June or July
> b. venue: possibly a campus dormitory set-up in North America
> c. organizational framework: TBA
> d. funding: TBA
> This is simply a trial balloon to find out if something educational
> might be forged out of mutual interests.
> errwsqe
> Randall Buth
> Jerusalem

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