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<x-charset windows-1252>Niel,

Leon Morris (Matthew, 1992, Pillar) thinks that Joseph had already made
up his mind. His basis for this is the verb aspect, but we don't want to
get into that do we? :-)))

Anyway, LS (intermediate) has the following entry for ENQUMEOMAI:

2. to take to heart, be hurt or angry at, ti Aesch., Dem.

Not sure we would want to use this kind of evidence to suggest a
rendering like "While Joseph was fuming about these things" since the
works of Aesch. are hardly the place one goes for NT vocabulary. The LEH
lexicon of the LXX does not show any instances of this usage.

I would conclude that there is insufficient lexical semantic evidence to
support anything like anger here. This suggestion is tempting for other
reasons but this sort of temptation makes it all that more important to
look with care at the lexical data and resist the inclination to play
the role of a amateur psychologist.

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> According to every translation of Matthew 1:20 that I can lay my hands on, > Joseph was merely "thinking about" or "considering" his decision to put > Mary away privately because of her pregnancy. Likewise, in Matthew 9:4, the > scribes are said merely to be "thinking" after they have heard Jesus > purport to forgive the sins of the paralytic. Three questions, please, from > an elementary Greeker: > > 1. Am I correct in thinking that the verb used in both instances -- > ENQUMEOMAI -- must once have had a QUMOS content -- anger? > > 2. If so, had that content completely disappeared by the time Matthew came > to use the verb? > > 3. If not, would it be permissible to translate the verb as "to fret" or > even "to fume" in both instances? > > Neil Booth > Bradford, England > > For Booth's Bible Brief visit

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