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Date: Wed Mar 08 2000 - 08:46:01 EST

Carl W. Conrad wrote:

>>I too really wondered about the likelihood of the Sibylline Oracles
antedating the NT. As I am cut off from usual reference sources here
in my Blue Ridge hideaway, I checked what I could find on the web and
found--I think it was in Encyclopaedia Britannica--that the earliest
of that collection, dated to ca 150 BC/BCE is in Book 3 of the
Oracles. I think Jeffrey cited one from Book 2.<<

Book 2.73 is a quotation from the Sentences of Pseudo-Phocylides
(specifically, sentences 18-21, _The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha_, SO
2.73 = vol. 1 p. 347, PP = vol. 2 p. 574). However, in SO 2.73 the
passage in question is an interpolation to the text of PP. SO 1 & 2
are generally considered a unit, and are variously dated.

If this interpolation comes from the Jewish author of SO 2. the
translator of vol 1 of _OTP_ (J. J. Collins) estimates the Jewish
sections were composed somewhere between 30 BCE (possibly - but not
likely- as early as 2nd century BCE) and 70 CE (or 3rd century CE if
based on SO 7). He does not think this particular interpolation is
Christian in origin.

But, what does this tell us about the Greek word and its use in the NT
or LXX?


Dave Hindley
Cleveland, Ohio, USA

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