Re: poetic Paul?

From: Eric S. Weiss (
Date: Sun Mar 12 2000 - 11:56:58 EST

> My immediate reaction on reading this was caution and suspicion that there
> is an intended difference in meaning between KATERGAZOMAI and ERGAZOMAI in
> this sequence. But after reading L&N, and in particular this item, I am
> more inclined to think they are synonymous:

Checking Paul's other uses of KAT. and ERG., as well as a Greek Concordance
and Louw & Nida, also had led me to believe that Paul basically treated
these two words as synonomous, at least in this passage. So in guessing
another possible reason why he switched words here, I had thought of the
assonance/alliteration possibility which you seem to confirm also.


> I guess this is an instance of assonance, and it would not surprise me that
> when Paul is eloquent, as he often enough is, he will do this sort of
> thing. I suspect list-members will be offering some more examples of this
> sort of thing.

I hope so!

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