Robinson/Pierpont text

Date: Sat Mar 11 2000 - 10:55:54 EST

Greetings List,

I am new to b-greek, so I hope my question is not off topic. Can anyone
describe the layout of the hard copy of The New Testament in the Original
Greek According to the Byzantine/Majority Textform by Robinson and
Pierpont? I have heard that it does not have accents or breathings or any
form of punctuation or paragraphing. Is there any apparatus? My
electronic copy has breathings and accents. Does anyone know of a source
for a hard copy?

Rob Matlack
620 E. 5th St., Minneapolis, KS 67467 Hm: 785-392-2865 Church: 785-392-2089
"...that we may present every man mature in Christ Jesus."

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