RE: Robinson/Pierpont text

From: Bill Ross (
Date: Sun Mar 12 2000 - 19:57:01 EST

>I am new to b-greek, so I hope my question is not off topic. Can anyone
>describe the layout of the hard copy of The New Testament in the Original
>Greek According to the Byzantine/Majority Textform by Robinson and
>Pierpont? I have heard that it does not have accents or breathings or any
>form of punctuation or paragraphing. Is there any apparatus? My
>electronic copy has breathings and accents. Does anyone know of a source
>for a hard copy?

The version I have was published thus:

The Original Word Publishers
PO Box 799
Roswell GA 30077
ISBN 0-9626544-3-4

It has an appendix concerning various textual readings of the "Pericope
Adultera" (John 7:53-8:11) but not much else.

Bill Ross

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