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Date: Wed Mar 15 2000 - 03:31:51 EST

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>I've become convinced that I need to learn to speak ancient Greek.

eucomai se prokoptein kai euodousqai

>Why try to compete
>with Stephen Daitz?

In terms of language learning, there is a long, far gap between hearing a
high literary text orally read and language learning pedagogy. E.g. we have
readings of the Hebrew Bible here, and they are valuable to have, but they
are only one small thread of what is necessary for a full program.

I had to use this pronunciation 19 years ago at UCLA. It's pretty foreign
to where Greek ended up by the roman period. The tonal accents, length, and
full vowel system make it quite artificial for Koine. It was somewhat
stressful to maintain in class (and add all the unaspirate/aspirated stops
to the above) and I find it hard to justify unnecessary stress for a Koine
focus. But for Attic, yes, I would recommend it to 'do things right'.
Another small point for an emic Koine for Koine, the Daitz/Allen sounds
un-Greek to modern Greek speakers, while a Koine system is already 75% of
the way to modern Greek and can have a pleasant overlap with it.

Randall Buth

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