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From: David C. Hindley (
Date: Wed Mar 15 2000 - 09:05:30 EST

Hello List,

Prior to a HDD crash I experienced over 6 months ago, I *thought* I
had established a link in my browser to an URL that would allow
translation of Greek phrases and sentences into English.

An example of this, which translates between English, German, French,
Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, is at:

I realize that these kinds of resources generate "wooden"
translations, but they have their applications for some of us who for
practical reasons cannot practice our Greek every day! My 2 years of
Greek (1 yr each of NT and Attic) are 20+ years behind me now, and
there are times I encounter Greek phrases drawn from the classics or
patristic sources where I would like a quick and dirty translation
before I try to dive into the grammar myself.

Was I mistaken about the existence of such a site?


Dave Hindley
Cleveland, Ohio, USA

PS: The above site comes in handy when I encounter untranslated
quotes, drawn from the secondary literature, in footnotes to scholarly
works or posts on e-lists.

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