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Subject: Re: A Little TC Help Needed
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2000 19:49:23 -0500
From: "l. j. swain" <x99swain@wmich.edu>
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Theodore H Mann wrote:
> Hi All:
> As I have been trying to teach myself NT Greek, I am also attempting to
> learn a little about textual criticism. Question: Why does UBS3 only
> give TOU QEOU, in 1 Cor. 2:14, a "C" rating? I would think that any
> text that can be found in p46, plus such a long list of witnesses,
> would rate higher than that.
> Would anyone care to suggest some really good beginning texts for me to
> read? Also, is it possible to obtain an English translation of the
> introductory material in NA27. My German's not so good.
> Many thanks.

Dear Dr. Mann,

The "C" rating means basically that there are some key manuscripts with
alternative readings, A and B reserved for those places in which there
are basically no alternatives, or very few. Hence, the vast majority of
readings in the text are A or B, and most of the apparatus consists of
"C". Notice for example the previous page for verse 10 and the DE
there: the vast majority of important mss. have DE, a few have GAR, and
2 omit it, it rates a C. Same things here.

As for English TC books I would recommend anything by Bruce Metzger,
especially his Early Texts(? have I got that right, don't have a bib to
hand to check this evening) and his Manuscripts of the Greek Bible.
Also an oldie but goodie is Thompson's 1912 An Introduction to Greek and
Latin Palaeography, also check out D. C. Greetham's _Textual
Scholarship_, while not only about Textual Criticism, it is a fine
collection of chapters as is Scholarly Editing. Finally lest the Latin
side of things be ignored I can't recommend enough Bernard Bischoff (of
Blessed memory) Latin Palaeography and Fr. Leonard Boyle's Latin
Palaeography: A Beginning Bibliography has a couple of sections
pertaining to Greek, I confess I know of no such tools to compare to
Greek, would that I did! Perhaps a redoubtable member of our happy
band has some further suggestions.

Larry Swain

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