Re: "Good Books" ?

From: Daniel Riaño (
Date: Thu Mar 23 2000 - 10:49:36 EST

<x-flowed iso-8859-1>Dale M. Wheeler wrote:
At 16:42 +0100 23/3/00, Daniel RiaÒo wrote:
>I just received a catalogue from "Good Books" in Springfield, ILL, a
>company specializing in reprints. I've never heard of this company,
>so I'm wondering if anyone else knows about them? They list the
>following, which would no doubt be of great interest to students of
>the GNT:

Thanks to Dale for sharing this info. The catalogue of reprint titles
is really impressive and prices are OK, but there is some piece of
information that is not quite clear to me. The company's Web page
says it is a company specialised in (my emphasis) "*Photocopies* of
rare books in biblical studies and reform theology". Does anybody has
actually seen any book edited by "Good Books"? Are they good quality
copies of the originals, properly sewn and bounded, or something
different? Is there any way to order from them via eMail-a Web server?

Daniel RiaÒo Rufilanchas
Madrid, EspaÒa

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