Re: "Good Books" ?

From: Rodney J. Decker (
Date: Fri Mar 24 2000 - 09:08:28 EST

>>I just received a catalogue from "Good Books" in Springfield, ILL, a
>>company specializing in reprints. I've never heard of this company, so
>>I'm wondering if anyone else knows about them? They list the following,
>>which would no doubt be of great interest to students of the GNT:

To add a few notes that others have not mentioned, our library purchased a
number of these titles recently. The paper appears to be standard photocopy
paper--which means it has the usual acid content and won't last as long as
acid-free "book paper." Also the pages are only copied on one side (often
two pages per side) with the back (verso) blank. These are also often on
legal length paper bound on the short side, so they are often too long to
fit neatly on a standard depth shelf. Due to their photocopied nature, the
text is not nearly as sharp as a printed book. Some are noticeably
"fuzzy"--but still legible. So long as one knows what one is getting, and
the titles are not available any other way, they serve their purpose. E.g.,
if you want a copy of Tischendorf's or von Soden's critical text, you can
own an odd-shaped, but legible copy that simply isn't possible any other
way that I know of.


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