Re: 1Cor 1:24

From: Jason Hare (
Date: Tue Mar 28 2000 - 16:16:24 EST

<< Thank you so much! I think it really is the key I
have looked for. But what about CRISTON ESTAURWMENON?
Can't we translate it "we preach Messiah AS

Thank you again.
Dmitriy >>

Dear Dmitriy,

IMHO, your minor problem comes from a lack of
understanding concerning appositives. You don't have
to say "as" everytime you have an appositive. That is
the case in verse 24 ("Christ, [who is] God's power
and God's wisdom"). It is simple appositive.

With verse 23, the case is different. Whereas v. 24
had two substantives describing what Christ is (and
they must agree in case to be appositives), in v. 23
you have a passive participle. It is not appositive.
Paul's message was CRISTON ESTAURWMENON (Christ being
crucified). It is one thought. As it has oft been
repeated "Christ crucified." That is Paul's message
and what, as he says, "hHMEIS KHRUSSOMEN." I hope
this helped.


Jason Hare
Ozark Christian College

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