B-greek: advice please!

From: Paul Toseland (paul@toseland.f9.co.uk)
Date: Fri Mar 31 2000 - 05:01:37 EST

Dear Carl

As you may have noticed, I have requested comments on a proposed
interpretation of 2 Cor 6:11, reading hUMWN rather than the usual
hHMWN. My original query concerned pleonastic DE in an appositional
phrase, and maybe also intensive KAI in in conjunction with hUMEIS
6:13b. I would still like any comments on these issues, as my knowledge
of Greek is still quite poor (despite my NT doctorate!); but I am
worried about triggering an extended exegetical / text critical debate
on a list that is concerned principally with language issues. The best
way to avoid this happening would seem to be simply to thanks to those
who have responded, without further comment; but would like to disagree
with Jason Hare on text critical methodology! Guidance, please!

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