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From: Mr. Gary S. Dykes (
Date: Wed May 03 2000 - 13:03:43 EDT

Another reply!!

From a monosemic standpoint, the word and its cognates (BAPTIZW) means
basically -- "to place something into something".


Jesus places believers INTO the body of Christ

A cloth is placed (dipped) into purple dye.

A stone is placed into a wall.

A people are placed into the teachings of another (I Cor. 10:2)

Being placed into a sphere or realm.

Put into some element such as water (for washing).

Being rained or sprinkled on (Psalms 77:16-20) when the Israelites followed
Moses, they were rained upon.

Many more nuances can be found via a concordance search, but the same basic
meaning exists in each context, "to be put into something". The semantic
variables which affect the meaning would then be:

(1) who or what is baptized (the object)?

(2) who is baptizing (the agent or subject)?

(3) when is this act occurring?

(4) why is some one or thing being baptized?

(5) who is being addressed?

Each use of the words for "baptize" thus relies upon its context for
complete clarification. There are at least 7 types of "baptisms" in the NT
alone. Most religious folks confuse many of them by not studying the

I hope this assists.

Mr. Gary S. Dykes

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