Re: Multiply-Anteceded Dem. Pronouns

From: Roe (
Date: Sun May 07 2000 - 11:40:34 EDT

Hello B-Greekers,

I was helped by a (patient) list member off-forum with the questions I
raised, but some questions remain.

It seems quite certain that the prescribed gender is feminine for
demonstrative pronouns having more than one antecedent, each of which
has a different gender. Following question remain:

1) What is the prescribed gender for demonstrative pronouns having more
than one antecedent, each of which has the *same* gender? I am supposing
it would be the same gender as its group of antecedents -- unless one
gender is always used to show "plural" antecedents.

2) What about participles modifing more than one word, each having
different genders? Acts 8:13 seems to demonstrate that such a participle
would be feminine: "...QEWRWN TE SHMEIA [neut.] KAI DUNAMEIS [fem.]
MEGALAS GINOMENAS [fem.]..." (beholding the signs [n.] and great
miracles [f.] which were done [f.]). I think that the feminine
participle here (GINOMENAS) does not modify only the feminine DUNAMEIS,
meaning that only miracles were "done" because Luke 23:8 shows that
SHMEION also are "done", also using the participle GINOMAI (...KAI
textual discrepancies noted in the NA-27 apparatus for either verse.)

3) GOMORRA is (our could be) singular in the LXX. Yet, in Matt. 10:15 it
is plural, and in 2 Pet. 2:6 it stands in the feminine singular (?)
GORORRAS. Is it at all possible for a pronoun to change gender, and is
it likely that a proper noun like GOMORRA would be declined in more then
one number?

4.) [ note ] I mentioned that Bauer et al. show SODOMA to be neuter. It
should be noted, however, that Bauer (in my German 6th ed., 1988) does
not normally mention gender in the lexicon, so his remark "nomen
proprium neutral plural" may refer to some special case... (?)

I would appreciate help with any of these questions -- even if you only
have the time to pick one.

Much thanks again for any time you have for this. Have a great week,


D. W. Roe
Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

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